Patterns: allow to set name or label

I use the pattern section at the bottom as my “sketchbook”.
Hence would it be possible to change the names of each “Pattern”?
Also, I’d rather have it displayed visually like a tab to instinctively link the group of chords to each pattern position.
Thanks for all the good work!


I think a tabbed interface could enhance a lot of the ui!

Double click and name the pattern! Thanks for feedback. Don’t forget you can multi select and play through patterns too.

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UX wise, right click to rename would have been better imho.

By the way, please allow us to move / sort manually the patterns

Hey @phil71,

have you try to drag and drop a pattern between other patterns selectors ?


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My bad! I was able to drag them around.

Please, the ability to change pattern name is a “must”

Thank you,


Thank You. That’s great, didn’t know that. Truly appreciate it.

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Yes! I didn’t know you could do that either :joy:

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