Patterns becoming unlinked

I noticed lately that the Patterns are becoming unlinked doing the same session as I am working. I am used to them unlinking when I close and reopen a session but this is new or I’m just trying to use it more and am just seeing this. I like having them linked when I get something going on the progressions.
Anyone else see this.
On a Mac OS 10.13.6 and Ableton Live 10.1.17
I link them by lassoing the ones I want.

Yes indeed this is fixed in 2.1. In fact the whole behaviour is overhauled and working much better and more reliable. I will make a video for 2.1 release which we are aiming for early September. There’s a new chord creation mode, 80 new expressions, audio detection improvements and a raft of other improvements. Massive free update and Scaler working much better!