Patterns on an off, linked

I’ve been doing a lot of experimenting with the pattern builder to create whole song/elements before committing to MIDI. It’s amazingly powerful but there are some issues that kind of slow you down.

  1. If you a linking patterns you can lasso multiples. But it doesn’t retain this when you reopen the session.
    And if you have multiple Scalers running you need to reopen then all to have all patterns used lassoed again. It would be nice to turn them on and off/link externally some how. Some kind of MIDI message maybe. Maybe the sync feature could lasso all Scalers once one is selected.
  2. I’ll mention the looping function again. Since I use Ableton Live to generate ideas in Session mode I’ve figured out I can make the session loop and pattern loop the same and it works fine. But maybe looping the pattern to DAW should just happen anyway. Hope that’s clear.
    Great tool. Super useful!

Sounds awesome! Can’t wait for that one! Thank you, David!

I love the expressions!

A little hard to access through menu.

Maybe a browser like toontrack does with their midi.

Or a favorites folder?

Love the program!