Pedal Tone Technique

I like the technique of Pedal Tone as nicely explained here:

As novice to music theory the freedom to cycle with different scales/modes around the Pedal Tone is kind of releasing from mental pressure while it still generates interesting and well sounding harmonies (Pink Floyd are my heroes).

I am wondering how Scaler can support me in writing a progression (manifested as either chords or arp or ostinato or phrase) which locks to a pedal tone.

Looks like Neo Riemannian or Mediant modulation are kind of instances of this class.

Any ideas?

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Thanks for sharing, yes there definitely is a method in holding bass notes whilst moving around upper notes of the chord, very erm - Coldplay! Gives me an idea. I’ll discuss with team…

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Here’s a musical example for utilizing the concept of Drone/Pedal-Tone.
From Scaler I used a couple of NeoRiemannian-Transitions mostly PL.
In addition noodling with Ostinator pattern around the respective chords.

cliffscherer · Toying Scaler Pedal Drone

Although already scratching my head (no music theory) here’s a kind of translation of pedal tone to Neo-Riemannian (PLR etc.) transformation.

Kind of a faint echo of early Tangerine Dream in here - very nice piece

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I was thinking more of a slowed down Bond theme, given the melody :wink:

Given the pace and the guitar, one could also hear a bit 1970s Pink Floyd influence.