The pentatonic scale SCALE is actually widely used in listening.
I was wondering if it would be convenient to put one in ARPEGGIO
Pentatonic major scale
Pentatonic minor scale
Even other musical styles feel. (Japan, India, Arabia)
This will immediately output ARP in any tune



I’m not sure I follow, but you could just create a chord with the tones of a Pentatonic scale of choice and then use the arpeggio setting on that.

I am also slightly unsure of the goal here. The pentatonic scales are supported by Scaler out of the box. If you select ‘minor pentatonic’ as a scale and then A as the key, you will get triads of the scale in section B.
Drag Am to section C, select arpeggio, and you get an Am arpeggio… If you select the minor 7th voicing, it will add the G into the scale, as expected. This only takes a few seconds … is there anything else you were looking for ?

If I choose the SCALES of the pentatonic scale it will limit

I don’t quite understand your statement.
I just wondered if I could add the major pentatonic scale, the minor pentatonic scale, HIRAJOSHI and so on in “PERFORMANCES”.
So why add it to “PERFORMANCES”?
Because I want to pick SCALES arbitrarily, and then I can quickly export the pentatonic scale, etc.

Of course, if the new version has a better way, even better.