"Perform" issue with Scaler 2 in Windows (MIDI creation)

Hello everyone. I love Scaler 2, but since day 1 I have this issue: when I make a chord progression and I want Scaler 2 to perform it (for example: EXPRESSIONS -> ALT) it works only if I drag the chord progression withOUT the “perform” feature triggered and then I enable the perform after I dragged the progression into the DAW. Otherwise, if I drag the chords with the “perform” ON, I get notes that are completely off. I already deactivated both the bind and the keys-lock features.
I have the same issue if I use the MIDI CAPTURE feature, I mean: I click on MIDI CAPTURE, I let Scaler play the chords wtih the perform ON but the notes captured by the software are exactly the same than the ones I get when dragging the chord progression with the perform ON and they are completely off.

I tried two DAWs: Cakewalk and Reaper. None it is working properly.

Hope it is clear.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Any chance you can post a link to a video as an example. I can’t see how midi capture is not capturing what you are hearing. It sounds like some kind of user error but impossible to tell without seeing what you are doing.

at 0:35 the sound that I want
at 0:54 not working by dragging the chord progression with “perform” feature ON
at 1:20 not working with MIDI capture


Thanks for video. This is an easy one. You must turn performance off after you dragged otherwise Performance is re performing the performance!

It works! Thanks a lot! Didn’t think of that! It was easy! :slight_smile: