Performance examples and favorites?

Hi folks - just getting my feet wet with Scaler 2 and have a couple of questions. If these don’t exist, please consider them feature requests.

Is there a place where one can listen to examples of all the performance, phrases, etc. in a quicker fashion than going though the menu tree clicking selecting one, then activating a chord either with a key or clicking it? or maybe a web page with all of them where one could click on a performance style and an example plays?

In the same vein, is there a way to advance or go back from the keyboard (or midi controller) in the performance styles? For example, I have a chord with an “Adagietto” performance and press a key combo and the performance type becomes “Alt” - the next one in the list.

Lastly, is there a way to favorite performance styles (or anything for that matter)?


Well, sort of. If you click on Adagietto and do not click on anything else after, you can go up and down the menu using your keyboard’s arrow keys. Scaler will remember last menu that had focus.


That’s good to know!

Hi, welcome to the Scaler forums,

No, but it’s a good idea/project.

No, but it’s a good idea. Perhaps future editions will have more “MIDI learn” features.

No, but it’s a good idea.

The best way to learn Scaler, imho, is to put up a basic progression and listen to the different features with different sounds.

Enjoy the process. The basic learning curve of the program is relatively low, but the possibilities are vast.

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He Jamison…welcom

As @lelek says…kind of:

I created what you were asking about using the following method.

  1. Populate a pattern with a chord set and hit the loop and play buttons for that pattern
  2. Now Click Perform and select an articulation sub type (Arpeggio, Strumming, Performances, Phrases, etc)
  3. Now, click the Expression pattern that shows up on the toolbar TWICE (to get and keep focus on that list) The key here is to have your last mouse click be on the toolbar and not down w/in the list.
  4. You are now active with the top pattern and you can use you arrow key to move down and up as quickly as you like. It is a fast way to browse the patterns with only one key and you can browse all the submenus w/in an articulation/expressions

With a fresh instance of Scaler (right click on the Scaler name and select Clear State)
Select the C Minor scale and move those chords into PATTERN 1
Click Loop and Play buttons in the pattern area to hear your chord progression repeating
Click: PERFORM (it is now blue and probably blinking)
Click ACCENTO twice (once to open the list and once to close it leaving the focus on that list)
Now use your keyboard up and down arrows to advance. You can advance through all the sub menus w/in an articulation/expression type.

If you want to see where you are w/in a sub list, click on the pattern and hover down w/in the list, the subtype will be bold white and if you hover over that you will see a blue check next to the currently playing performance.

Hope this helps…all kinds of cool stuff in Scaler.


Thanks for the kind welcome and the suggestions. It is much appreciated.