Performance issues with Follow/Retrigger

Investigating the crashes I have with the Hammond VSTs, I just found this strange surge showed by Ableton: 3 bars at each start of a series with Retrigger, and 5 bars using Follow
And there is a way to avoid this surge?
And why the surge hits the first Scaler only?

The picture shows 2 bars because of my faulty screenshot maker, but it is 3 and 5 in the other case

The 2 Scaler I am using to investigate
Scaler-chords.xml (8.3 KB) Scaler-solos.xml (8.7 KB)

I can add that only certain Performances makes that surge, and when all bars are yellow Ableton crashes… like now :disappointed_relieved:

@Ed1 I just found now a reason for that this (or another) crash

2 Scalers and 2 Hammond (GSi VB3 so not a CPU killer)
No problem at all until I clicked on Performance in the 2nd Scaler… when the CPU use jumped up and Ableton crashed

Hi @ClaudioPorcellana

Some performances and playback modes are a lot heavier to process when doing live adaptation. Not too sure why it causes a crash in some cases, we will have a look. Thanks for the detailed feedback.

I just tested a more complex situation with 3 Scaler feeding 3 guitars + a MIDI track feeding the 3rd guitar + Broomstick Bass

All Scaler in Performance mode, cycling all patterns one after another and no problem at all

The problem seems to be again Keys Lock, my bugbear