Performance Midi Captured and Dragged not properly offset

If I pick a Performance preset like Castrato and capture midi during playback, the midi correctly plays an 1/8 note after the 1.

When I use Midicapture and drag the midi into the daw, the 1/8 not offset at the beginning is not there. Instead the midi starts on the 1 and needs to be manually re-positioned. This is true in both 2.1 and 2.2.

Strange its working for me. See attached.

Well, that is odd. The clip is the correct length. I wonder if its a Live thing? I will try again tomorrow after a full rest and reboot of all the technology.

My super rough guess is native midi handling on your machine is trimming front but that is a non technical guess. Try saving a normal midi file from Ableton itself with a gap at the front to your desktop and then reimporting it.

Ok, I did an experiment as you suggested after a full reboot of everything. It all works as expected except for the dragndrop from Scaler. One of those idiosyncrasies. Live also handles the project time location of samples differently than most Daws so apps like Revoice are more awkward to use.