Performance midi


Is it possible to add custom Performance midi expressions? Also, is it possible to access those expressions midi folders (Adagio, Espressivo, etc.)?

Not at this stage but of course these are features we are looking at moving toward. Remember there is a backend that is alive and applying contextual rules. These need to vary according to what expressions we feed scaler so whilst a performance / scale / etc custom editor would be ideal. There’s a way to achieve that.

The midi expressions are not available but you could just midi capture them!

What do you mean when you say this? What backend? I thought these expressions are just midi sequence/file that affects the played chords?

Yes but they have to adapt to what you chord you are playing. Do we flatten or sharpen majors/minors? Do we avoid tritones? There are a complex set of rules adapting everything to what you are playing. We could allow editable expressions but that’s not the priority atm.