Performances and monophonic classical solo instrumennts

Hi Scaler team,
Before the release of Scaler 2, as a beta-user i posted some requests/ suggestions. One of them was about monophonic performances, pharases etc.
I’d like to repost that suggestion again since it would be a great bonus to see it in newer 2.2 release. Sorry for repeating the request, but David replied that time that it was a good idea:)

"A few of the performance presets are in monophonic structure like arpeggios or ostinatos which is suitable for solo intruments like violin, cello, flute etc. And many of them have 1 or 2 sustained notes while having monophonic arpeggio/ostinato_like structures consisting of mostly 1/16 notes and sustained notes trouble when triggering these kind of monophonic solo instrumennts

Maybe not on 27th but in the future releases there could be more monophonic performance presets and the could be a checkbox option in perform section like “show only monophonic expressions”. This could be useful while trying out chord progressions and browsing through the presets to find a desirable one.

Or even better there could be an option for performances to leave out sustained (overlapped) notes and only trigger monophonic ones. I know it’s not easy programming to decide which notes to leave out and note lenghth could not be sufficient criteria for some cases. But as far as i can see many of the presets would be ok since they have 1 or 2 longer notes in lower octaves and arpeggio-like none overlapping notes in higher octaves."

Yes I think its a good idea still but needs to be implemented properly, unfortunately due to the nature of the internal sound module and internal effect single voice / monophonic mode is not so straightforward. We will get there though, certainly would solve some issues.