Performances custom problem

A lot of bass, chords, rhythms are repeated.
This can save a lot of time. Hope to implement customization soon.
What are the ways to customize? Can it be MIDI?
Actually a better way is to have a window that can be responsible for the click rhythm. Then choose to output BASS? Or chords?

I actually don’t really like playback time at the moment, too many numbers make me confused.

Can you give some specific examples?

If I understand the issue, when a 4-bar bass part is written it will often repeat a pattern for 3 bars with a different pattern on the fourth bar, is that correct?

Similarly on bass patterns that are of other lengths (say 2 bars or 8 bars) the last bar will have a different pattern.

If that is the issue, then may I suggest that you can utilise the Performance Playback on the Edit page to create the sequence? I have just published a short video on this topic although I used a melody for my example (see Introduction to Using Playback Performances to Give Interesing Melodies in the Tutorials topic). I have included a bass Scaler State for a bass in the tutorial.

Just a further point, @swingmix, you can also use midi to control the playing of the pattern, not the speed, but the length of time the chord plays and the order in which th epattern plays