Phrase & Voice Grouping shifts melody to lower octave

It would seem when you have a Phrase and Voice Grouping (Dynamic) enabled, then the melody is automatically played at the octave of the chords. However, when I watched the Scaler 2 Plugin Tutorial & In Depth Overview video then @ ~8:00 there is a demonstration of a Phrase + Voice Grouping and the melody is not affected by the Voice Grouping. I would suggest the latter is the correct behaviour, as the melody becomes drowned if it sits in the lower octave. Is this a bug in the latest version, or is there a setting I am missing somewhere to prevent the melody being affected by Voice Grouping.



Welcome @r3coil The melody is always affected by the voice grouping, everything is as its a global setting. But you can match what you are trying to do by selecting something with an octave up like the ‘Dynamic +1’ profile for example