Phrasebox and melody

Am I using this program correctly? I came up with a chord progression with Scaler and put it on the Dawi track where the Phrasebox is located. I’m asking because I don’t think I’ve come up with a single good-sounding thing yet. Sounds like a mess.

All I can say is that from the looks of your screen shot, that is an extremely dense pattern. Have you tried just using some of the presets first. Take a look at them. Then you can figure out how best to use it, and start with a factory present and modify it or at least use it to understand what’s happening and then you can build your own presents.

Just a suggestion.

I guess “good sounding” is subjective. And one cannot expect every possible combination to suit one’s taste. But having played around with MIDI chaining Scaler & Phrasebox, I find quite usable combinations, which of course can always be refined. I would’t expect the tools to come up with the perfect solution anyway, but help with my ideation and discovery. For example this piece… one could argue the out of scale notes don’t fit (I actually like it), but you can manually adjust the Phrasebox presets to your liking.

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It is true. For myself, those few notes in your video at a certain point sound like they are wrong notes to my ear. That’s how it goes to different people’s ears. If I played like that at a gig, I’m pretty sure that some people would at least ask Did you play wrong?