Phrases - 2nd chord seems to be consistently sharp

Hi guys. Performances work as I would expect. I can cycle through my learned chords in any order and the performance style is applied to my chords, everything sounds harmonically related. Phrases however are behaving differently, and I’m assuming phrases are intended to work the same way. If so then the 2nd chord in all of my learned user chord presets are producing notes that are consistently sharp.

Perhaps I’m not fully understanding phrases yet? Not sure… if this isn’t intended, and phrases should let me cycle through chords as expected please let me know what I can do to get you some information… I can provide screen recordings, a saved user pattern, etc. Please let me know…

Yes video please so we can what is happening. Doesn’t sound right

Great. I’m putting together a project now. I should have a screen recording in an hour or so.
Should I paste/attach here? Or would you prefer I PM you a dropbox link?

Attach a link here so the whole team can see please.

Sorry for the delay Davide, video linked below… Please let me know if you need anything like the Logic project, patch, etc…


Hi @zedsdeadbaby

this is the normal behaviour for phrases, here you have the “Chord” mode selected so for each chord you play, Scaler will adapt the phrase to the chord’s scale, here… Db Maj which contains notes outside your F Minor scale.

You can switch the phrases to “Scale” mode in order to have it play over your F Minor scale instead.

This is the main difference with the performances which articulate the notes you give them. Phrases interpret the chord or scale you have selected and generate new melodic content.

Let me know if that helps,

Ah ok! I wasn’t aware of that. Clearly I need to revisit the manual! Appreciate the explanation… Best

I just want to add to Ed’s explanation here. Db Major does share all but one of the same notes as F Minor so it works. When you are flattening the fifth however Scaler is flattening the fifth in Db to A which is NOT in either scale hence it doesn’t work in your example.