Pitch bend/mod etc

Hi there, pitch bend and mod wheel don’t seem to be sent through to my synths. I’m on Ableton, mac Catalina. I see elsewhere you’ve said you have to use VST2 version to get round this? But I was advised by you guys a couple months back that VST2 and AU versions had graphical bugs, which is why I was supposed to be using VST3. Have these been fixed now? Let me know whats best thanks. Enjoying software otherwise!

The latest is 2.1.2. You should be using that one. The VST3 issue is a problem in the VST3 spec and not Scaler so Scaler can’t fix that until Steinberg fixes VST3.

Thanks I’ll double-check which version I have, so which one is recommended for Mac Catalina then at the moment?

As in VST2, AU? Rather than version

2.1.2 is the latest and should be compatible with Catalina. I don’t know what DAW you are using, if Logic you can only use Scaler 2 Control AU. Any DAW that uses VST then VST2 is recommended for pass through of CC info.


I’m just getting into the program. I use Cubase Pro 10.0.6 and it seems the VST 2 version of Scaler is less prone to errors and generally more stable. Would you recommend staying with the VST 2 versions for now? I assumed the VST 3 version would be “better,” but that might be incorrect.

I have some observations about possible issues with the VST 3 version, but I’ll post those in another thread.

Take care.

Personally I would stay with VST2. As stated, VST3 does not pass CC/pitch bend/Controller Data to the Instrument so that’s a big problem for expression.

I guess I would use both if I had to, and why not.

Scaler does “broadcast” its chords to other Scalers.

Yeah, I would use VST3 or 2 if they both behaved similar. I really like have the CC data for control changes.