Pitch & Mod wheel could performe a set of tricks

I love Scaler
My Idea is this:

pitch & mod wheel can performe a set of tricks:

Like the pitch wheel would alow you to transpose by 1 semitone (or more) up and down for the time held while playing

the mod wheel performs actions like: turning a chord that is in Minor to Major (and the other way around) and maybe even play transition keys during the shift over from Minor to Major

or setting to mod wheel to “voicing” performs optional voicings or variations in realtime to your playing and you can perfom more stuff on the fly like this.
That would be very powerful feature I think.

Hi GJOID , and welcome to the forum.

As I guess you know, pitch bend has its own midi message whereas mod values are sent in CC messages.

Either change is of course produced by whatever renders the sound, so I assume that here you are asking for a change to be made to the internal Scaler synth.

Whereas pitch bend might get mapped to something equivalent in an external synth (many (most?) people export Scaler MIDI to their DAW to use with VSTs), mod messages may cause a problem.

The reason is that the effect of mod is in many synths is implemented on a per patch basis, so transferring your piece developed in Scaler to the DAW and another synth is likely to produce unexpected effects. If this were implemented it would thus make sense for Scaler to be able to strip CC1 if requested.

Scalers synth is very valuable to get some music put together, and many of the sounds are very good. But I think even Scaler would say their role is not to compete with NI, Spectrasonics or Roland in synth terms. The issue with mod is that it would be hard to decide what to ‘bake in’ the the internal engine/

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Hi, thanks for your reaction. I’n not sure how to implement the idea, and if it is technically in reach.
However i’m just thinking about this type of control would be great feature to have. I’m thinking purely in midi processing term here, so I didn’t thought about the internal synth, but it would be great if it could work for the midi plug-in. Indeed to realize this it would have to be done as a core feature within the Scaler midi processing, i guess. I just mis a handon easy and fast way to go up or down a semitone and especially it would be great to to be able to instandly go from minor to major chord. BTW right now the pich and mod wheel don’t seem to have any functionality in the midi plugin version of Scaler.

Scaler can provide a way to control more realtime things for midi using the Key Switches, and that is great. I see Scaler mainly being a midi processor with all music theory inbedded. And realtime control on the chords and scale lib and midi processing features would be very interesting to expand, i’m thinking along the lines of something like having the ability to morph between chords or even between scales while playing in a more easy way than programming the key switches, besides that it would make it even more playable and accessible