Pitch wheel and mod wheel

Can we get pitch wheel and mod wheel to work with scaler in futer update. i love the software but this abillity to use ptich and mod wheel will greatly improve my work flow/
thank you

You don’t state exactly what you mean here but I think you mean that Scaler is not passing the Pitch and Mod Wheel info to the connected instruments? If so you have to use the VST2 version of the instrument. VST3 has a spec problem that is not Scalers issue and doesn’t pass the info correctly although I’ve notice that in Cubase 11 on my Mac it now does. Also, if you are on Mac and using the AU version - the AU spec does not allow for this info to be passed through. Again, that is a problem with the AU spec and not Scaler.
Don’t know if this is what you meant or not.


I updated to latest scaler version and I can now use pitch and mid pass thru in my vst 2. Some vsts require me to use a automation lane but kontact and nexus can capture the midi info. I am using studio one v5 on a pc. I use scaler as a midi utility I send the vst out put to scaler and it records directly on the vst track. But yea it works fine for me me now. Thank you

Great! Glad you got it working. Happened to me when I first got Scaler until I learned I should use the VST2 version to make it work.