Play different scales on different chords

Hi guys, does Scaler have any function to play a specific scale per chord? For example
C Chord ------ play Scale A Pentatonic
G --------------- Scale C Blues
A -------------- Scale A Mixolidian
There is the chords notes function but I wanted to know if the function by scale exists, thanks

Welcome @rober
No but I think we need this, force scaler into user defined scale with a key switch. This will allow for some great performing and writing. Something on the list for the future.


Thanks Davide. It would be ideal to map the chord notes to a switch pedal so that you can play different scales with both hands.
I like to play the Wurn β€œYes” progression which is G-Eb-C and there is no specific scale for the three chords that works well. I use for each chord different scales like pentatonic, blues or different Greek modes.
Thanks for your answer

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This would be great even if it adds a layer of complexity. Cubase allows different scales for each chord, so, for example, a C7b9 chord may be assigned a Db Melodic Minor Scale.