Play different scales on different chords

Hi guys, does Scaler have any function to play a specific scale per chord? For example
C Chord ------ play Scale A Pentatonic
G --------------- Scale C Blues
A -------------- Scale A Mixolidian
There is the chords notes function but I wanted to know if the function by scale exists, thanks

Welcome @rober
No but I think we need this, force scaler into user defined scale with a key switch. This will allow for some great performing and writing. Something on the list for the future.


Thanks Davide. It would be ideal to map the chord notes to a switch pedal so that you can play different scales with both hands.
I like to play the Wurn “Yes” progression which is G-Eb-C and there is no specific scale for the three chords that works well. I use for each chord different scales like pentatonic, blues or different Greek modes.
Thanks for your answer

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This would be great even if it adds a layer of complexity. Cubase allows different scales for each chord, so, for example, a C7b9 chord may be assigned a Db Melodic Minor Scale.

Thanks, I didn’t know that cubase has that function. Is it in the chord function that you have to change the musical scale?

Guys this is now in 2.4! Assign scales to midi mapping see this section:


Cubase has its “Chord Track” (I use Cubase Pro 10 and not all versions offer this). You place a chord on Chord Track, disable automatic scales and assign a scale to the chord. However, it is not as flexible as Scaler. I find myself moving away from Cubase’s chord track and more and more to using Scaler.

I have to go explore the new features in the latest update.