Play one Chord over full KB Range

Hi there,

It´d be a nice feature to have a button that transposes the selected Chord over the full Keyboard Range.

It´s not a clever feature, but I´d like it.


Hi @grumpy

do you mean binding the same chord-type like a maj7 then all the piano keys would play Cmaj7, C#maj7, Dmaj7 etc… ?

you can do this in Scaler:

  • clear your progression builder
  • add the chord you want to the first slot
  • right-click on the chord then select Generate Parallel Harmony

Parallel harmony generate 2 octaves full of chords, you can bind them to trigger them from the white keys.


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Thank you for the Hint, Ed1 - but that´s not like a Button to click on and just play around.

In Sound Design I frequently make quick checks, e. g. how deep I can play Chords - and I don´t want to fumble around before I can do so.

I´ll have to hit the chords manually … but just thought that it´d be nice to have. Some of the newer VST Synths offer Chord Functionalities, too - like Detune Unison Voices. Transposed Chords are essential for some Styles …

Interesting… in that case you are right, parallel harmony might not be the best thing. Another way to do this could be to save some chords from your progression as a user chord set. This will load your chords in the section A which will give you access to the transpose control on the left hand side.

It is not a one-button operation but can maybe help you in your workflow.