Play only base-note of the chord

Hi, for me it’d be really splendid if I could play only the base-note of the chord, i.e. kinda “limit” the chord so I could play bass notes out of it, without having to go to Arpeggio 1/1 town, which sometimes result in multiple note hits instead of keeping it steady (same velocity, one note at a time)


Stay tuned. We are working on something really nice. I need to lock it down with the devs but I am hopeful of a 2.2 release. There will be what you suggested and more!


That’s wonderful news!! Thanks! Just used Scaler 2 on a remix I was having trouble with the chords with, and it really helped. Having access to this kind of stuff is magical to me.

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You can basically do that by shifting the scales to a lower octave and playing the scale


I was here looking in the forum for any threads about this (bass/root note of chord). Happy to hear something is in the works!! I was hoping to possibly have an instance of Scaler on a track containing a bass instrument, and slave/synch it to another instance of Scaler playing the chords; the bass track instance would play the root. That would be a treat for writing songs…