Play only base-note of the chord

Hi, for me it’d be really splendid if I could play only the base-note of the chord, i.e. kinda “limit” the chord so I could play bass notes out of it, without having to go to Arpeggio 1/1 town, which sometimes result in multiple note hits instead of keeping it steady (same velocity, one note at a time)


Stay tuned. We are working on something really nice. I need to lock it down with the devs but I am hopeful of a 2.2 release. There will be what you suggested and more!


That’s wonderful news!! Thanks! Just used Scaler 2 on a remix I was having trouble with the chords with, and it really helped. Having access to this kind of stuff is magical to me.

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You can basically do that by shifting the scales to a lower octave and playing the scale


I was here looking in the forum for any threads about this (bass/root note of chord). Happy to hear something is in the works!! I was hoping to possibly have an instance of Scaler on a track containing a bass instrument, and slave/synch it to another instance of Scaler playing the chords; the bass track instance would play the root. That would be a treat for writing songs…

has something been done about this? i’m still stuck in Scaler 2.2.0 and hesitate to update just in case songs i’ve built with Scaler2 involved suddenly stop loading.

I’m just about to release a bunch of stuff on that topic, but as it’s too big to post here, I’m putting it on a web site. The example will show three Scalers, one doing chords, one a performance and one the base line. The first two are as leader and follower, and the base line uses just triads of the other chords, so is not linked by Scaler synch. All three run in a host, linked to to Ableton live by MIDI time code. a further extension to that will show the orchestral chords gong through some ‘divisi’ rules (including notes going to more than one instrument) with the sounds being rendered by VSTs including BBC SO.

I’ll PM you when I release it.

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If you go to my embryonic site at Cantabile as Scaler host | Completely unofficial Scaler information site you will see the first of a number of articles on the topic of multiple copies and sync possibilities. If you click on the ‘Cantabile as Scaler host’ tab, there is a drop down to the main pages of this topic

In the Ableton Live example, this illustrates the use of MIDI Time Code to synchronise multiple Scalers and a Daw, in my case Ableton. This means that you work could be spread between Scaler and Live and everything will be lined up.

This is important for Ableton, as Live doesn’t recognise MIDI channels, so hosting multiple copies of Scaler within Live is often not possible.

Soon to be added pages will describe how this can be tied up with some complex rule based MIDI routing, not just for orchestration with plugins like BBC SO, but as a creative tool for post processing performances held in Live.

If you want a trigger when the next batch goes up, PM me.