Play quantized as a default setting please

Any chance you can give us the ability to set Play Quantized as a default (in all three modes)?

So Play Quantize works for you? I can’t stand having it on. For me it introduces massive delays so I can’t play correctly. I always hit the beat without it so I don’t turn it on anymore.

Exactly! I couldn’t either but I’m not a keyboard player. However, now it is one of my favorite features as I work on my keyboard skills and piece things together. It is now on every time I use Scaler…hence the default option request.

You can, I think, set it to On in Preferences and then save that as your default setting. No? I’d have to double check that. In general, I find the Quantize functions in Scaler to be excellent.

Thanks and I agree the quant functions are great. I use both the Humanize and Play quant features all the time. It is amazing how the Humanize/Quantize combined with different playback speeds can create so many variations.

Unfortunately Play Quantize is not an option as a default…yet. :slight_smile:


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