Play through in Pattern Mode

I was watching the 2.1 video where at the end you can hit play and it will play the different rows.

Mine stops at the end of the first row. Missing something there, your lights are lit up at the right and mine only 1 light is lit depending on which key I press.

What did I miss?


You need to lasso all the pattern you want to play. Then they will all play in order.

Tried that, it only played the active pattern.

In the video they’re not highlighted.

I can’t play pattern mode in DAW sync at all. I have to go out of pattern mode then it works.

It should look like this if everything is right.

Only one light on the right is lit.

Can you do a screen shot of yours?

Sure. Yea the green light at the right will light up whichever lane I click on.

But no DAW play, when I go out of pattern mode it starts playing.

Hi @tacman7,

thanks for reporting, this is a bug, it should play your pattern when selected in the pattern view with DAW-Sync enabled. At the moment it only works if you select multiple patterns.

It will be fixed in the next update.