Play with Scaler and EZBASS

1、Creating chords with scaler
2、Drag and drop the chord into the drums & key window of ezbass

3、Ezbass has found the exact bass root of the chord

4、Find the groves directory in ezbass and choose the style you like
Then click Replace midi
The following bass has changed to the same style you chose
At this time, you have the perfect bass for your chords


Yup! I’ve been experimenting with this the past week and it works! :slight_smile:

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Ditto here. Works nicely with Scaler.

Except 1) EZBass only has minor and major chords, 2) no way to adjust the string the note is played on and 3) while midi can be dragged and dropped from Scaler, it can not be dragged and dropped from Reaper. Just something you should know before going into EZBass

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@MusucStudent He’s doing a D&D from ONE VI to ANOTHER VI. Not to the DAW itself.

Once you’re satisfied with the EZ Bass selection, THEN you D&D that Midi file to the DAW track. I’m not familiar with Reaper but doesn’t it allow you to D&D Midi onto a track?

Yes, drag and drop from EZBass to Reaper (the DAW track) works well. But not the other way around. The back and forth works well with Reaper and EZKeys or with EZDrums but they done messed it up for EZBass. Instead you have to save the midi as a file and then drag that into EZBass.

This trick reminds the one I found today, and maybe you can implement mine in yours to see what happens

I almost never record the Section C then drag the MIDI because I prefer direct inputs/outputs

In that case, have you tried to use EZKeys or EZDrums as a"parking"?
I think to remember I used this trick some time ago and worked

In practice, you D&D the stuff in EZKeys or EZDrums, then D&D the same stuff in the way usually not feasible