Playback Bug

When playing back chords in the bottom grid “C area”, if the last block isn’t populated with a chord, scaler ignores this empty block and instantly goes back to the 1st chord. This is one of those small nuances that is extremely aggravating. Reason being is that it throws your whole rhythm off, which makes the loop button obsolete because you cant jam out to an idea

Populate slots 1, 3, 5, 7 then hit the “loop” button. You’ll instantly see what I trying to describe.

I like to loop the chords so that I can have plenty of time to think up other ideas to implement. Therefore, after creating the chords, for smoother playback, I must import into daw. Then if I get a new idea, repeat process. Scaler should playback the chords smoothly, and then once finalized, I should export to daw.

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Hi @AntiPyr8

thanks for reporting your issue. We will have a look and update this post when we have more info about a fix or workaround.



Yes in FL studio I started getting crackling and pops during playback.

Hi @AntiPyr8,

this is the expected behavior at this stage, Scaler only supports empty chords when they are in-between other chords. The next version of Scaler will support having empty chords and rests anywhere but at the moment the playback engine doesn’t allow it.

Thanks for your feedback,