Playback quantize - can we get the blink effect synched with current playback timing

[After rethinking this initial request, I realized a workaround would be just to synch the blink effect]

Not sure if this is a feature request or just a learning opportunity for me, but I’m playing a lot with Scaler’s Play Quantize mode enabled to practice timing and generally develop my ear(s)… Often I’ll play it exclusively within or outside of a DAW using the various performance modes to explore timing and learn how to detect differences in playback speeds and timing structures.

My question relates to when you make your initial key press and when you hear that initial note/chord. (this is not a hardware latency issue) It seems Scaler is synching to it’s clock constantly so your initial keypress either lines up (and you hear a note) or you hear a slight delay while the Scaler waits for the next cycle to play your note.

This is all and good and playing in Quantize mode works just fine giving your audible feedback when you miss a note in the form of a delay.

[original] What I’d like is a way to effectively “start the clock” exactly on that initial key press so you don’t have an unknown wait from initial key press to initial sound. Again, this is not a latency issue as sometimes your key press lines up on the mystery beat and you are off an running perfectly in time.

[revised] A work abound to this would be to have the blink effect match the current playback timing. This would at least give someone a way to start on tempo. I know a DAW can play a metronome, but I’d like to avoid having to fire up a full DAW instance just to practice

In appreciation

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Any chance on this made a list?

Made the list but not discussed or implemented as yet, I like the flashing DAW sync button as a tempo indicator great idea, and for the start the clock that could work if it triggers your DAW at the same time. good feedback thank you.

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