Playback Timings Noob

Recent purchaser loving the plugin. Starting to explore some of the options and been messing with Chord Duration e.g. 1, 1.25, 1.33
I wonder if someone could explain what this means in relation to song time signatures ?

Whoops Thanks

It’s relative to a global setting of how long a chord lasts (default = 2 beats = 2 quarter note = half note).
Although it can be translated to standard notation with dots somehow, I have never tried :wink:

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I couldn’t see the writing it was so small.
Thanks for pointing this out.

Hello and wellcome, frozenpeas.
In a measure of 4/4, to complete the measure (4 beats) I write 2. A value of quarter note, therefore it would be 0.5 and a half note 1
Multiply x 0.5 the quarter notes that complete each measure:
On a 3/4, the full measure is 1.5
In 2/4, the full measure is 1

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Thank you to all who replied.