Playback view - inversions not player

Hi - With scaler2, when I’m using the playback view I can hear the inversions when i toggle the inversion up or down, but this doesn’t seem to have any impact on what is actually played.

Additionally, is there any way of locking the current chord/voicing for a given slot without regards to settings above – changing the scale/voicings settings seems to change voicings in playback at times – when I’d rather that it stick with something I already chose.

Voice Grouping profiles are global and override all else. Turn voice grouping off. I think that answers your question?

What happens if I want to experiment with voice grouping (in the other sections) while auditioning chords against the particular inversions of the chords that I have in the playback? That’s kind of what I’m trying to do at the minute – and it seems that it would be useful to temporarily lock a voicing in playback.

Hi @cbz

if you like the voicing you can apply it to the chords you are working on in the progression builder (C section) (what you call playback view).

To do so use the Right-Click menu: first extract it and then apply it to any chord you want:

hope that helps,

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Thanks for the help – that helped me figure things out – the video that was posted a few days ago was also very helpful on this in showing me how all the various pieces interacted.