Player device in reason 11

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is it possible to use scaler 2 plugin as player device in reason 11 suite? amazing plugin but quite time consuming to transfer chords and performance to different instruments. I see there is no native rack player extension but maybe some one knows any workaround.

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There’s a few threads on this. Reason doesn’t allow midi pass through which is annoying for us reason users! There is a host alternative like bluecat but that doesn’t allow scaler to control reason native instruments. Hopefully one day we will see midi pass through implemented by the reason developers. Send feedback to them!

Reason 11 user as well. I am also desperately waiting for them to support Midi FX in Reason. But for now, I just use the drag and drop feature and it works quite well. For example recording the midi performances in Scaler and dragging it into an instrument lane in Reason.

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Would Boost Creativity if we could Play reason Instruments directly. I almost like non destructive workflow.

I know nothing of reason and never tried to reason with Reason, however, if Reason supports rewire, you might try that, or simply use a different daw as a temporary work around until Reason becomes reasonable by supporting midi fx.

Oh, yeah, it’s the propellerhead guys that now think their plugin makes them a studio… etc.

Recently they developed this plugin idea and totally scrapped rewire.

You may have to go back a few versions in order to use rewire.

I guess, the way to go then, would be to open any daw (say Reaper) and do what you want with Scaler (as it’s an easy daw to use), and then use Reason as a plugin inside of Reaper and see how that goes for you.

It might be a solution?!

Reason now works inside any DAW. Just use Reason synths there. However, if you want to use Scaler inside Reason, it’s up to the Reason devs to fix it, not the Scaler Devs. Write the Reason guys. The more that want it the more voices get heard.