Playing different scales

Is this possible to do? In this example, I want to play the chorus and verse parts in Dorian, and I want to play the Bridge in Phrygian or any other. Can different scales automatically switch to different parts? Does this feature still exist?

Hi @Hulkko

In a nutshell, yes. Simply start with your chosen mode say Dorian for your verse pattern(s) then select a different mode (say Phrygian) in Section B and continue with your bridge.

Did this ever actually happen when playing back patterns in Section C? Once you have selected a different scale the original chords remain in the pattern but may now be shown as being out of scale (with a grey bar at the top of the chord).

In th eexample below pattern 1 is written using the F Dorian mode, the first four bars of pattern 2 used the F Phrygian mode and the last four used the F Lydian Lydian mode.

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But does Keys-lock work? If you want to play a melody. Does the program realize that it switches to a different scale at those points so that you can play the melody from the scale you want?

It has never worked the way you describe as far as I know. It might be possible to have scales per pattern but it has never worked that way.

When did this exist?

The dictionary misinterpreted what I was trying to mean. I didn’t mean there was.

Scaler does not switch scales away from the scale selected on Section B and I believe that KEYS-LOCK is linked to that scale, so where you have changed scales it will use the last scale that you have selected in Section B.

It is worth noting that in my example above I actually swithed both the key and mode (F phrygian and F dorian are not the same key: F phrygian is the third mode in the key of Db maj whilst F dorian is the second mode in the key of Eb maj).

If you stay in the same key then irrespective of the mode you will always be using the same scale notes. So if you are in the key of C maj then the dorian mode is D, E, F, G, A, B, C, and the chords are D min, E min, F maj, G maj, A min, B dim, C maj. The phrygian mode is E, F, G, A, B, C, D, and the chords are E min, F maj, G maj, A min, B dim, C maj, D min.