Playing Patterns in Pad view with keyswitches and different pattern lengths

I have a project that has 3 patterns. The first pattern is 8 bars long and has 7 chords. The second pattern is 4 bars long and has 4 chords. The third pattern is 4 bars long and has 5 chords. I am using keyswitches to play them all in progression 1-2-3. My issue is that when the 2nd pattern gets done playing, and the keyswitch switches the pattern to #3, the pattern starts playing on the 5th (the last chord) of the progression, rather than starting at the first chord. There aren’t any issues switching between the 1st and 2nd pattern, only the changeover between the 2nd and 3rd. Is the issue that the third pattern has more chord slots filled? I will try to add an unneeded rest to the end of the 2nd pattern to see if that makes a difference.
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Hey Shawn

I don’t trigger patterns using the keys, but I believe I know what you are running into.

It is due to how you are using key switches to trigger patterns. As far as I understand, the switches (A) toggle the active patterns but the playback continues left to right and the pattern is picked up where ever the playback is in that moment. (There may be a way to start from the 1st chord but I’ve not stumbled on that yet)

Depending on how you are triggering the pattern, if you are hitting the E key to trigger pattern 3 on the last chord of pattern 2 (Fmaj), playback will drop down to pattern 3 at the 5th chord.

It appears to do what you want in pattern 1 to 2 because 2 is shorter than 1 and therefore it starts at the front. Make sense?

In the example (B) if you hit play wait 2 beats then hit the D key and 1 beat later hit the E key, playback would follow the red line and loop on pattern 3

If you want your patterns to play in sequence, just lasso all three pattern buttons (they will all turn blue and your key switches will disappear) and hit play. They will play sequentially with no intervention required on your part. You can also control click the patterns to select non-adjacent ones…

Let us know if that fixes your issue.


Yes, thank you, lassoing the buttons accomplished what I wanted. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my question.

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Happy to help. Good luck…a ton to explore in here.