please add a BASS button

Scaler wants to have this feature. For example, add a BASS button to your chord editor at the bottom. If you click BASS, you can add a bass key to each chord, so you don’t need to click Edit chord for each chord, and add a bass.
For example, chord Cmaj C E G, and then in order to make the chord complex and full, I click the BASS button, which will automatically turn the chord into a low 8 degree C E G.
If you have another pad button, it’s more appropriate. Clicking on pad will add pad tones to all chords. Then drag it into the MIDI track, run it and edit it.

I think it saves a lot of time.

You can even add drag bass midi, drag pad midi… etc. to drag midi.
Hope the software is getting better and better

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Hi @swingmix,

this is a good idea, we have some plans for new features around chord voicing that should please you.

Thanks for the suggestions and supporting Scaler,

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2.0 have this feature?

THANKS !~ 2.0 have this feature?

As part of the dynamic voicing, it’s pretty much like this when you select the dynamic voicing in 1.8 although it groups the upper notes together

“dynamic voicing” ? where?

I would personally prefer a separate bass option. You could of course just edit the chord but being able to add a bass note to all chords would be very useful.

Scaler 1.8 top right hand side ‘Voicing Lock’

Screen Shot 2019-12-10 at 11.50.29

So ‘Add Bass note’ option within voicings? That’s easy enough and will work with all triads. Octave down?

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