Please add 'Save MIDI'

Hi. Can you please consider adding ‘Save MIDI’ (and ‘Save MIDI as’) so that the chords can be used in apps which do not support drag-and-drop but do support opening/importing a MIDI file. Thanks!

The difference is that if I press ‘Save’ I get a bunch of XML files while I expected to (also) get a MIDI file. I understand now from your comment that Scaler uses the MIDI version only when you Drag-and-Drop. Thanks for that. For my workflow I would then like Scaler to also create the MIDI file when I press ‘Save’ as it prevents the need for a physical (long) mouse movement to drag the MIDI onto the desktop (on another monitor).

You can either Drag to the desktop as suggested which is quite fast OR drag and drop it in the DAW you are using to have Scaler working in THEN export the MIDI file from that DAW to some convenient location. Either way you can open that MIDI file in any DAW that supports MIDI.

Something I created myself. and no I did not “lastly called it a DAW”. I said that a DAW is not the problem. Getting a MIDI file to a non-DAW workflow is.

You can just drag to your desktop Jan-11-2021 07-12-05


Hi @Patrick. Can we keep the tone a little more chilled please? We really do insist on a nice and friendly atmosphere around here. I was just offering a solution. Save as a midi file is a good idea but just haven’t got there yet because it sits under the other priorities we he have. No argument or criticism required.

Yes indeed, considered. Thanks for feedback.

Thank you for your consideration.

Well, that person is like family on the forum
and is very helpful. Maybe you can work it out?