Please add synth pads/simplified chords to the 'performance' section

Hello. Love Scaler, it’s one of my most used plugins. But one thing I wish it could do is generate simplified chords for use with synth pad sounds based on my existing chords like how it can generate bass or melody patterns. For example if the chord progression in my project has a lot of complex chords with lots of notes in them, if Scaler could have some options for turning them into complimentary 2 note or 3 note chords so that I can quickly choose something that works for a lush moving pad sound that doesn’t require thick stacked chords.

And on a slightly related note sometimes when using the ‘performances’, Scaler doesn’t output the desired octave so I need to fiddle around with individual chords inside scaler or the midi within my project that I’m feeding to it. A more direct transpose feature would be appreciated for the output. I can always achieve what I want to achieve regardless but a more simple way to do it would be great.


Hi @Roskobiwan

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You can add or delete notes in a chord on the CHORD page (see Introduction to the CHORD page so it is easy to turn extended chords into triads. This will enable you to select which two or three notes you want for your pad line.

There are a couple of ways to transpose chords, and hence performances within Scaler in either Section A

or on the EDIT page (see Transposing Patterns (aka Changing Key)

Hope this helps

Thanks a lot. I’ll take a look into the chord page settings later but still what I’m asking for is a ‘performance’ menu where I can very quickly hear suggested outputs rather than take the long route experimenting.

Likewise with the output of the patterns at the bottom of the screen, it would save time if there was a quick way to transpose all of my patterns in one control rather than have to click in and edit them. If I have 4 or 5 patterns containing 7 or 8 chords its a lot of clicks especially if I move on to a new sound in my project and need to change it back again.

As you will see on the EDIT page you can transpose all the chords in any one pattern by lassoing the chords and then transposing them which is two clicks. If you have more than one pattern it is only two clicks per pattern.

Alternatively, if you are using the factory supplied patterns you can transpose them in Section A in one click.

Having said this, I agree it would be nice to have a single way of transposing multiple patterns in one click in Section C.