Please help! Midi wont drag and drop fl20

Ok so I just bought the plugin seemed beautiful drag a midi to a channel that worked perfectly then when I made a new midi I wanted to drag it wont drag anything this happens now everytime I literally have to close out the program and start again just for one midi drag to work … please help me fix this :disappointed_relieved:

FL 20

Hi @Osoitsyou

have you tried dragging from Scaler to your desktop instead of FL Studio? Does it work?
Also, can you drag a MIDI file from a folder on your disk into FL Studio or is this broken as well?


So I want to run scaler as a wrapped vst within FL and yes other midis drop fine but no that doesn’t work it wont drag anything it seems

You really need to list your system specs, etc. so people know what you are running. Can’t figure anything out without that info.