Please, please, please make a volume button

The default volume is too low!! Even if increase the velocity to the maximum and the track volume to the maximum, it is still small, so have to put the inflator and limiter on, and the sound is distorted, so have to turn on the comp. Please, please, please make a volume button please!

Are you talking about the volume of the internal instruments in Scaler? What DAW and OS are you using.
Scalers instruments are plenty loud on my system. In Bitwig or Cubase or Live all play at a normal volume. You sure the velocity from your keyboards is set to the right curve? Is your external audio set correctly?
What else can you tell us about your setup?
I’ve never had any issues.

If I press the mouse on the pad, the sound is loud. If I press Midi with the keys, my voice comes out especially at an annoyingly low volume. I use Logic pro x and Catalina. Do you have a similar problem?

To my untutored ear this souds as if it could be an issue with velocity.

When you clck on a block with the mouse the velocity, and hence volume, is that of Scaler default (set in the settings menu), and wil be constant for every block.

If you press a key on the keyboard, most modern keyboards are velocity sensitive, so the velocity will depend upon how hard you press the key. For me, my little finger (the pinkie) is much weaker than my thumb, and so the velocity of the notes played with my little finger is less than that of notes played with my thumb.

This may explain the difference between blocks triggered using the mouse and those triggered playing a keyboard live.

It doesn’t help even if I press or hit, so the sound is not as loud as when pressed with the mouse.

Hi Hulkko,

Maybe I am completely wrong (or maybe am I not), but this is my experience. It is completely dependent on my DAW (Reaper), my keyboard controller (Arturia KeyLab MKII) and my Scaler (OK, it should be the same, except for the OS).
First - my test: I click alternately on the pad with my mouse and my keyboard. No difference in volume level. Internal Scaler sound - Felt Piano.

But then, I remember that when I bought my KeyLab, I had to setup it for velocity.
First, the minimum value - play very lightly a chord (or a key - I forgot). Then for maximum - hardly play. I forgot whether I had to play something for the average velocity or it was calculated.
The first time I did a mistake and my normal playing volume was too low. Then I repeated the setup attentively and everything came to normal levels.

Do you have such a setup with your keyboard, or something that maybe could affect the volume level coming from your controller?

Does the same thing happen to you with other plugins, especially those with on-screen keyboard?
Can you check if clicking with mouse on a key of the on-screen KB and pressing the same key on your controller gives the same effect? I tried with NI Electric Sunburst and this was also OK.

And, have you tried to use the PC keyboard instead?
If the latter works, the problem is in your MIDI keyboard

Have you tried recording a midi clip from your keyboard? Then look at the velocity of the notes in the clip and compare this to the default velocity of Scaler. This may help identify if there is an issue withthe velocity being transmitted from your keyboard.

Can plaease you confirm what you configuration is: OS DAW keyboard?