Please share beta link , Scaler 2

Hello I am On ios platform , I saw a video about Scaler 2 on YouTube , Scaler is much power full Songwriter compare to Yamaha mobile sequencer or Riffler .
Can you Share a beta link to My email

Please share beta link , before buying I want to test it

I believe the ios version beta has probably ended, pending the final release.

The distributor is , so contact them by e-mail to check the current situation.

I expect (but don’t know) there may be a demo version in due course, as there is for the main app.

Some clarifications:
Good news first: the plan for Scaler 2 on iPadOS is to release it as a free app, with some limitations of course and things that will be unlocked with an IAP (that I’m sure you’ll want, specially because the price will be very interesting…let’s just say it will be way cheaper than the desktop version, which is already cheap). So you’ll be able to test it (at least the main features) before having to buy anything.

Beta test is not over yet, but the public release should be very close, as the developers stated in this introductory video:

A link for the Beta cannot be “asked”, the developers are the only ones who can decide who is gonna partecipate to the Beta
In any case, a Beta is not a demo made just to try the app for free before buying it, but a way to test the app inside out and find bugs and/or improvements to the GUI and workflow