Please update Scaler improve the interface, font and guitar sound

I’m still using scale 1.8
Because the interface is good, the font is good, and the piano sound is good.
Scale 2.3 has more functions, but some aspects need to be improved.

  1. For interface and font, it is recommended to refer to ujam’s virtual bassist stretching design. The interface and font are key. It’s important to make people feel comfortable.
  2. Let the piano sound like 1.8
  3. Try to improve the sound of the guitar. It’s not very good, but it’s better than it is now. At least you can hear the sweep

Thanks for the suggestion @swingmix.

Scaler 2.5 will contain many improvement on the guitar front (sounds, voicings,…). The interface and fonts are already customizable to some extent in the current version (check the Preferences in the Side Menu) but we will make sure to listen to all feedback for the next redesign.



I changed the monitor to 2K.
The scale display is very good and the words are very big. I said a few days ago that it was wrong for the scale display to be bad. The problem is that my display is perfect now.

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