Pluck Sounds

Can we get some decent pluck sounds? Like those from Serum, Dune, and Spire?

Any update on plucks?

Are you using it with a DAW? You can use it with any of those synths. Do you have Serum or Dune? The sound great with Scaler.

Yep…I have most of the synths out there. I like coming up with ideas using the Scaler internal sounds because it is a pain to set up a synth (in FL Studio especially). I wish they would include more and better pluck sounds. I would be willing to create some!

What about setting up a Scaler Serum FL Template and just use that to work with Scaler? Then Save the MIDI for the real work. Or a template that has all of those link to one scaler and pick and choose the synth when your exploring ideas. Save the base template and don’t write over that one.

Yeah, those are good ideas and I may do that. However, with better stock plucks, it would be a once VST solutions and I am sure other composers could use them as well.

Maybe for version 3.

Would not be that hard to add…

Have you tried some of the new bass patches in 2.2 onward? We have some sounds that can be used nicely as plucks if you staccato them. If you’ve tried all of that I’d be interested to know what type of pluck sounds you would like.

I will try that.

I am talking about the Serum plucks used by a lot of producers including deadmau5, Seven Lions, and others.

Check out:

Spire also has a lot of great plucks.

Also, if you have access to FL Studio, check out the free Mobile Plucks pack.

Ah yes, Env>CutOff has been a staple of my sound design repertoire for a long time.
Will include a nice EDM pluck for you in 2.4.
Really this is all about the chords you feed it. The Open Chords Voice Grouping profile is useful here. As is modulating the attack of the modded envelope. See these two videos (the second one is more Detroit style but you get the modulation ideas):

Dropbox - Pluckity Example.mp4 - Simplify your life

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Awesome, thanks…I have tons of great pluck sounds I have created in Serum. I use Scaler sounds a lot sans a connected synth for quick composing and pluck sounds come in handy! Right now, I use the synth patch “Distance” most of the time.