Plug-in Boutique issues? [Solved]

I bought the PC version of Scaler 2 but I can’t download the licence. I’ve reported this to Plug-in Boutique and all they can tell me is to follow the instructions. I’ve done that and the licence will not download and without it Scaler 2 won’t work. Has anyone else found their patronising attitude annoying and unhelpful? I’m not happy with them so how do I get my money back for something that isn’t fit for purpose?

Hi @Jemmy55

sorry to hear about your experience. Can you send me an email at with the email you use in your Plugin Boutique account.
I’ll have a look if we can help you from here.


Sorry to hear that, me I never had any problems with PB. You don´t see your license beside the product in your account? There should be a link to direct download it.

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@Jemmy55 - Following help from Ed and Thomass have you managed to resolve your issue? If not, are you sure you didn’t buy from an imposter site? There are many sites popping up that are not the actual I have changed the title of the thread as it’s a little opinionated and subjective.

Problem solved as Plug-in Boutique got back to me.