Plugin Boutique's pestiferous login - The saga goes on XD

Some time passed since my 1st post about that plague, but one thing only improved since then: Now HAL9000 remembers my last OS selection :grin: :rofl:

But the pestiferous login process remains, YUK!

I log in to many websites/day, and this is the only one that bothers so much: 4 steps to reach my account each damn time :poop:

After this picture I have to wait for about 1 minute, otherwise the “I’m not a robot” button doesn’t jump out

But HAL9000 cannot be fooled so easy (ask Bowman for info :rofl:), so I have to remove all damn “traffic lights cards” to defeat it

And here is a further useless step to ultimately see the coveted download

Well, actually, google also bothered me the same way up to finding DuckDuck Go

I’m afrid I look at this from the point of view of the website owners. They want to ensure that everybody who uses th ewebsite is a real person, thus reducing the risk of bots sccessing the site and scrapingpersonal data from the account holders on the site.

reCAPTCHA is a proven metod of mitigaing the risk and ensuring that the users are human and not bots.

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Curiously, when I log in to PIB, I am not asked to complete the Captcha … it just goes straight to ‘tick’ after entering my password.

The only reason I can think of is that since moving to FTTP, my IP address has not changed, whereas on VDSL2 (FTTC) it did change now and then. Might it be something to do with a connection delivered over copper ? I can’t remember whether PIB came up with the picture tiles before fibre…
Maybe another FTTP user might comment …

The UK is committed to moving all bar a tiny minority of connections to full fibre to the premises by 2025. I believe the government sees it as a strategic move to dramatically reducing the cost of communicating with the populace.
[Here there is a monopoly provider of all connections (but not services based upon them) called ‘Openreach.’}

For me it varies as per the jurist John Selden’s jibe that “equity varied with the length of the Chancellor’s foot ” which I believe was made in the 15th century about equity in English law.

(For those who are not acquainted with English law equity is a branch of civil law.)


I look at this from the point of view of the website owners

I enter my ID and a 128 bit PW, so HAL9000 has no reason to think I am not me :thinking:

And anyway, of the several websites I log in each day, PB and Google are the only ones the bother me with the traffic light captcha

Google is KO
PB is not, for now :grin:

My town has the fibre, and I think it is just 200 meters from me, but the building firm that made my parents-in-law house was a bunch of crooks, and among other several bungle things, they used very small wire-conduits, also with sharp bents, so I cannot have a fibre at home :rage:

Some years ago I had a Wi-Max system with a better ADSL, but one years ago the speed lowered below a copper line due to the company that sold too much bandwidth to make more money, so I came back to copper, and I have to content myself, hoping that rats don’t nibble the copper, that is another risk considering that our line runs under the next door’s garden (another mess by the building crook firm above) :cold_face: :poop:

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@ClaudioPorcellana Are your cookies activated and enabled for PB site? I use Brave which is very restrictive in terms of security and it never happens to me to be asked and reasked UID and pwd.

Oh, do you use a VPN? This might change the behavior of some sites e.g. Google.

I used a VPN for some time, but I deactivated it because the navigation was too much slowered, so now the VPN is not an issue

I’ll try to delete the cookies

Bummer …
We had a similar problem (the road and houses here were built in 1999), but if one goes on to VOIP, the copper cable is not needed and more. So here they cut that, and used it as a “pull through” for the fibre, which avoided them having to dig the road up to change two ‘T’ junctions.

I would go there, even because me and my wife use smartphones only, but the nagger is too much “conservative”, so not an option now

However, the most important question is Do you like pizza?


Hi pals

I just found the fix for this issue!

just put on your browser Favorites bar, and you’ll never see traffic light captchas, for the PB site or any other website

Do any Italians eat pizza ? I thought it was like ‘Fish and Chips’ in England; something thought up largely for tourists. :smiley:

A small team from an office in Hong Kong came to visit the UK office of a company I was involved with. I took them to a local Chinese restaurant; they didn’t recognise anything on the menu. Further, the waiter only spoke Mandarin and they spoke Cantonese, so I had to order for them.

In Beijing, street vendors sell scorpions and silk worms on sticks as a snack. I headed to the nearest waste bin to vomit, and them to MacDonalds.

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Yes they do, but they may not recognise all the options on the menu as some are invented in other countries (e.g. the Hawiian - ham and pineapple???). Some of the best pizza I have ever eaten were on holiday in Calabria a couple of years ago.

The real question is thick crust or this crust?

Personally, I like Neapolitan-style pizza the most. Although I have never been to Naples. Sometimes it would be great to make a pizza trip. I myself have learned how to make Neapolitan-style pizza using the internet. I also have a pizza oven that heats up to 500 degrees.

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I do, love and eat pizza since I was a child

And I also bought recently this book to improve my technique :pizza:

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