Polyphonic Aftertouch

Really love Scalar but one of the things I wish it had was support for polyphonic aftertouch. I realize that I’m somewhat in the minority as Poly AT midi controllers are not that common but it’s something I’ve come to use quite a bit. And now that pad controllers like Push 2 output poly AT, perhaps this is a something more people would like to see.

I would especially like to see it supported when key lock is on. I love playing in key to a scale or chord notes, but I lose poly AT when I use that feature. Scalar does seem to pass through poly AT when key lock is not on. Of course, there’s no way to have poly AT for all the notes of a triggered chord, but perhaps it could use the AT of the note that the chord is bound to and apply it to all the notes in the chord?

In any case, since poly AT is part of standard midi, perhaps there’s a way to implement this? Thanks!

Hi @kev

we will check if there is anything we can do. As you mentioned we could potentially “forward” the aftertouch of the trigger key onto the played notes.

We will have a look at the code and discuss it internally.

Thanks for reporting,

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Thank you so much for looking into it! Fingers crossed there’s a way to do it :crossed_fingers:t3: :pray:t3: