Pop Riffs & Rhythm Expressions

Scaler’s big selection of different expressions is absolutely genius.

It’s a great way to show the user how many options there really are with regard to rhythms and riffs etc.

But Expressions’ Achilles heel is that almost every Expression has a distinctly classical feel, making almost all of them unusable for modern pop music composition.

Listening back when I’ve tried to put various Expressions into my modern pop compositions, the feeling is “Why is there a grandpa music /classical riff here?”

Someone who knows pop riffs could probably use these Expressions and then just tweak them to be modern… the problem with that is (and the huge potential for Expressions) is having the selections there for everyone else who doesn’t know what options they have in the first place for riff / rhythmic patterns etc…

So I’m proposing a pop/modern music riff/rhythm catalogue of options.


the only way I found to reproduce modern riffs as e.g. rock or funky is avoiding expressions etc

you have to find chords, then binding possibly a part of keyboard to play soloes in synch, then you have to “create” the riff with your bare hands

the rock sample below was produced using the editing the C line (the bottom one), but I hate editing and I prefer straight/easier/faster ways to reach my objective

here you find a rock composition

and here a funky one

I share same impression, that Scaler expressions are hard to apply for more modern styles.

with the exception of progressive rock, as it contains traces of classical music
I’ll write a post about that

Welcome @wolvie2 Have you tried the triplet feel expressions in Scaler 2.1?
It’s true that several expressions feel classical because many of them were played by pianists but I have found many uses for them in a wide range of music from House to Future Bass. Obviously the beauty is you can just drag or midi capture them and do what you want externally,

Having said all of that look for scaler 2.2 We’ve got some great new features and content that should appeal much more to urban/acoustic/bass/funksters.


Sounds great. Is there an expected release date for 2.2?

Due November- Black Friday :blush::label: