POSITIVE feedback ;)

that i do not only give feedback on things, they are a bit buggy …

the last update is really a good one.

DAW-sync is now as it should be! even unequal lengths are looping fine now!

The defined chord lengths in the edit page are available after edit! (fat like)

The edit mode now is really handsome (ok - maybe it would be cool, if the menu on right-klick would work prompt - not after a second click on the three points they appear on top of the chord-symbol ;))

thanks a lot for listening!!! :)))

PS: love it, that i can edit the single chords now while playback is running!


Fully agree. There are areas which are not perfect like with everything and there are many enhancements I would like to see. But overall the best midi plugin I know and it’s a joy to see how much the developers are listening here and how rapid enhancements are implemented.

I dig it that it has such a user friendly copy protection too, there are so many plugins out there which cause pain in this mattert for the honest buyer.

When there was a supporters edition I would buy it just to support the development. :slight_smile:

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