Possible anomaly in harmonisation logic (?)

This was discussed in a ‘General’ post, but has probably got lost in traffic.

Thanks are due to @ed66 for the detective work !

If C major pentatonic is selected, section B shows 6 harmonised chords. Apart from being 6 and not 5, Amin(no5) is shown seemingly out of sequence.
maj pent

This is identical to the chords shown with the Major Blues Hexatonic scale

maj blues

Various documents suggest the pentatonic harmonisation should have been

C / D sus4 / Am/E / G sus4 / A sus4
C sus2 / D sus2 / C/E / D sus2 / Am

So what is being reported here (until I research the harmonisation further) is an apparent anomaly of the pentatonic and blues scale showing the same harmonisation.

I think I noticed this at one point and disregarded it. Some of Scaler’s logic is based on the taste and creative decisions of the developers. I didn’t think I’d found a “bug” per se so just let it go. These scales may be, and are, harmonized is so many ways. Interesting observation none the less.

This was really something else rather than just interpretation of chords (which can be tricky, admittedly), in that a pentatonic scale was harmonised as having 6 notes when it doesn’t have 6 as far as I can understand it. So what isn’t clear is how this anomaly might (if it does, I don’t know) ripple though to other functions which use that scale in performances or modulations or wherever.

You are right, obviously it 's not critical, but I thought it could go on the “look at this sometime when we next review this code for whatever reason” list. Things which “look odd” in software development have sometimes got a funny habit of exposing more fundamental issues which were otherwise hidden …

I understand and I’m glad you made the observation and posted about it rather than not mentioning it. I’m sure somehow the developers will take it into account and it will help improve Scaler. :slight_smile:

When I raised this is the General Discussion topic I did so becaused I am using Scaler as a tool to improve my understanding of music theory and composition.

My concern was I didn’t understand the "pentatonic"chord sequence of I ii iii vi V vi that Sclaer creates: the first vi chord appears to be anomolous.

It raises an issue about all the scales in Scaler, although I don’t think there are many issues with the scales so as @yorkeman said

Having said this I acknowledge that when composing the most important tool is the composer’s ears: if it sounds right then it probably is, and I don’t think this is an issue that I wold classify as critical or even urgent. I agree it could go in the