Possible bug in software?

After selecting the suggested chords and dragging them into Section C I turned on Perform-Accento, Voice Grouping-Dynamic and Humanize and bound the chords. Following that I did a midi capture. I then dragged the capture onto the Scaler 2 track in Logic Pro X 10.5.1 with the felt piano instrument. On playback the midi notes came out distorted and the note velocities were random in loudness. I tried using different instruments but the same happened. I then copied the note region to a different track with Logic Pro X’s Alchemy and it played back fine. Is it a bug that needs to be fixed?

Welcome @rcflee
Please try turning off midi bind before playing back dragged midi data, This happens so often I think we need a warning message when dragging midi.

I tried your suggestion but the playback was still stuttering and choking. I tried turning off perform, key-lock, voice grouping and humanize with same result. Any suggestions?

I forgot to let you know that not only was the playback stuttering some of the notes were off scale.

Finally I midi captured just the chords and dragged the midi region to the track and this time the chords played back fine. Could it be that the “Perform” function is somehow hindering the playback as the last time I tried I did NOT turn off the “Perform” function?

Yes the perform function is global and also play quantise is global so those two setting can affect how scaler plays chords back.