Possible bugs in 2.1.1 [REPRODUCABLE]

Version 2.1.1
OS 10.13.6
Ableton Live 10.1.13

***[SEE ADDENDUM] 1. When section C is in Bind, clicking on pads with a mouse, the notes continue playing after release until hitting MIDI panic. You can play through the chords and the previous pad will be cut off so the notes are not cumulative. This does not happen when section is not in Bind. It does not happen triggering from keyboard.

  1. You cannot play through linked patterns seamlessly if Patterns are not in ALL PATTERN VIEW. Playing from one pattern to the next won’t play the next pattern right away. You need to play the pad a second time after it switches over. [Patterns do play through linked when playing synced to the DAW just not manually UNLESS the show all patterns window in open.]

3. Rests don’t play through when synced to DAW. That is the same as 2.1

ADDENDUM: OK I’ve figured out how to reproduce the latched notes issue.

1. Load or create a session with at least 2 patterns.
2. Link the patterns. Open the All Pattern View
3. Click on a pad and it should behave normally. Play on click, stop on release. Activate an Expression.
4. Now either click on the play arrow to play the pattern or sync to DAW and press play. Then stop. You don’t need to let the whole pattern play.
5. Now click on a pad and it should continue to play after releasing.
6. Now if you click on a blank pad to add a chord you should get a crash as well.

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I was just about to post about the same issue with repeating notes. Just updated a few minutes ago.

Just to be clear, I don’t have a problem with notes repeating but of latching on. Press the chord pad with the mouse and it stays on until you select another pad or MIDI panic. But it seems to be only affecting a couple of older sessions that were using v2.1. If I start a new session, I don’t see that.
Not sure if you are seeing this or something else.

See my post about mouse problems in Cakewalk. A common thread between might be interpretation of mouse clicks??

I’ve been able to find a way to reproduce the latched notes that I don’t think is related to the double note issue. I can make this one go away. It seems tied to expressions. See my notes in the original post.