Possible new section in this forum

why not adding a section called “Our music” where each one drops its list of albums/tracks owned?

this way developers will be able to understand what instrument/patterns etc are more common about users, and make improvements/new patterns accordingly


I was about to make a post along these lines, and found @ClaudioPorcellana’s post of last year and thought I’d seek to revive it.

An alternative to a new category would be to merge this with “Chord Sets” by changing the title to reflect this.

The problem is that posts made which contain links to user pieces tend to get ‘buried’, and I am of the view that it would be nice to have a category which allowed easier browsing of user works.


Proposal for new category name: “Scaler’s Finest” :wink:

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Sounds good to me
The only personal downside is that given the current state of my efforts back here, I would in good conscience have to desist from posting to avoid letting the side down :disappointed:

I’m a little confused, there’s a category that is of benefit to scaler and its evolution and a category that’s of benefit to its users. Both are good but could that category be ‘Our Music’ or ‘Music from the Community’ that encourages users to a) list there music categories or b) link to their own music they’ve made for sharing / feedback etc? Really a community vote.

Precisely that. I don’t believe the proposers intended that it was a repository for music per se ( a la Soundcloud) , but merely when they posted a link to some work or example, such posts would be placed therein.

When this is done under general, this class of posting tends to get lost, and I think the idea was that it would be easier to find the link, particularly when there had been a series of postings of some particular piece.

As noted, it was intended to promote a discussion to see if the idea (originally floated by @ClaudioPorcellana over a year ago) got any general traction. Extending the name of the related “Chord sets” would be fine IMHO.

Ok great, I’ll let @Ed1 change the category to say ‘Our Music & Chord Sets’ with a description detailing ‘A place to share music and chord sets’

mmm, my idea was twofold:
to satisfy my curiosity about the musical tastes of the other forumians
giving devs some insight to make decisions about new patterns, styles, etc.

Now, due to the 1% rule, I doubt that this “new section” will be more lively than the “chordset” section

But if you think that reformulating the proposal will be useful, you are welcome

I think it has something to do with scaler’s original intention.
Scaler was originally designed to help people understand chords.
It’s all about chords.
If you want to become music sharing, it involves composition.

Doesn’t seem like anyone understood what Claudio was saying in his first post. What he was proposing is a place to list the artist recordings the we listen to. That inspire us. He wasn’t asking for a place for are own compositions. Quite a difference.
For me I have many influences that I listen to. Here are a few -
Malicorne - French Folk Rock with brilliant production values
Alan Stivell - Breton Harpist/vocalist
Brian Eno
Jerry Goldsmith
Bernard Herrmann
Joe Hisaishi
King Crimson
And many more.

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Yes, I think I did, and I was just extending that notion to user created pieces, as it seemed to be of the same class. The issue with categories is that they have to be exhaustive and exclusive (to avoid option confusion) but also unless each is a ‘broad church’ proliferation results … hence my hi-jacking Claudio’s suggested category.

Well, any post so categorised will appear at the list when it is created, so will get equal visibility at that time. The idea for separation was for later reference rather than initial visibility, in that given I was looking (say) for one of your pieces there is a smaller starting point.

I’m very happy to be shot down here … more thoughts anyone ?

sure, but due to 1% rule, just 1/100 of users will ever contribute

or even less if chordsets are of a music nowadays obsolete like rock, blues, jazz…
:crazy_face: :rofl:

my idea wasn’t “music sharing” but “musical tastes sharing”…

quite eclectic tastes… love it :grinning:

I’ll check Jerry Goldsmith, Bernard Herrmann, and Joe Hisaishi because I’ve never listened them

In the Forbes 2020 list of highest earners in music published a couple of months ago it was interesting to see the top 30 included the Eagles, Queen, the Beatles, AC/DC. Metallica, Pink Floyd, Kiss (!) and the Rolling stones. Not bad for obsolete rockers :smiley: I’m sure they didn’t mind being past it as they put millions in the bank …

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It’s a comfort to know that the styles I love are still considered

Understand chords and how they relate to music. The end goal being to create music, compositions.

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The important thing is the music, yes; of course, Jamieh.
Although I am a true Scaler addict, I never forget that it is a plugin to help me create music
And without intending to leave the proposed topic, I will comment that I would like to resume a workflow / experiences and ways of approaching a musical theme in different styles (from the same Scaler progression) as we did in its day in the forum that started Bernd:
By the way, I miss lelek, a very important inspiration and creator in that group.
Let’s see if we can get the band together for another concert


I second that motion, and will also echo the sentiment of missing @lelek 's Forum participation. I hope everything is alright in your life and we’ll get to compose together soon! :slight_smile:

Thank you @jjfagot and @Bernd for kind words :slight_smile: Once my work-related craziness is over, I’ll be soooo happy to go back to what’s important in life → making music and collaborating with awesome people like yourselves :slight_smile: