Possible w Scaler? Bass note only & minimize movement between chords without adding bass note

Hey gang,

New to scaler, loving in for streamlining workflows!

Speaking of workflows, would love to be able to send just bass notes to a bass synth (so I can do changes by syncing across all scalers) & minimizing movement between chords without adding the bass note, literally the “dynamic” voice grouping without the added bass note. Is this possible? I’ve watched many tutorials & played around but can’t find a way to do it.


Welcome to the forum Joel, have you tired the Group rather than Dynamic Voicing profile? Also don’t be afraid t play around with CHORD mode which can offer chords in the same voicing and suggest of the Circle of Fifths. Scaler 2.6 will have a minimise movement option in suggest mode so that will help too.
Hope that’s useful.

Hi Joel,
Not sure what you are wanting here but you have two choices:

If you wanrt to simply pass the bass note of teh chord try choosing the Bass->BASIC 2 performance and set the speed to 0.5, This plays the bass note of the chord on my instance.

But have you explored the BASS performances?

You may also want to look at using playback performances to make more interesting bass lines. I have a Scaler state that you can down load from here and import as a template.

Hey Davide,

Thanks for the prompt reply! The grouping modes things are close, but what I’m looking for is exactly what dynamic mode does without the bass note - minimizing movement as much as possible. Seems like a straighforward thing to implement, let me just clarify what I mean.

I was taught to play piano with minimal movement in a band setting to play well with the other instruments - ie a basic cadence of C, Am, F, G would could have the notes from bottom to top:

G, C, E
A, C, E
A, C, F
G, B D

And so forth, starting with another inversion would change it of course. I find in a production setting that it’s a great way to navigate space so that each instrument has its own place in the frequency spectrum.

Let me know if it’s something you’d consider implementing, as it is now I’m doing a lot of manual editing of chords which slows down the workflow benefits of scaler.

Regarding just playing a straight one-off bass note on chord change, would it be possible to implement that? I’ll try ed66:s workaround above, though it seems a bit unintuitive to have to “hack” in order to get something so common.

Excellent product, loving it so far!


Hey ed66,

Thanks for the bass note hack, appreciate it! I might try bass performances for creative inspiration sometimes, though I tend to find that I want to lock in bass patterns quite tightly to whatever drum beat I have in a custom manner when it comes to rhythmization. Would be cool if we were able to program/sequence our own rhythmizations to be available in a fast click in scaler though, I do have some rhythms I come back to as I’m sure everyone does!

I think a divisi implementation would help you here. Implementing a dynamic scale without the bass note also works but affects the purity of tone by having a bass note outside the root. Not an issue but I think the plans we have in place for the development of Scaler will give you plenty of options.
For now I just export the chords and highlight bass note and remove it or copy it to another channel in my DAW.


You’re welcome.

Would editing the timing on the EDITpage and then saving the chord (NB not saving the state) so thatyou can importit whenever it is needed give you the patterns you want?

When I started getting into Scaler 2 I also used Davide’s approach,which igives extreme flexibility, and will enable you to develop unique rhythms.

But I have just discovered the CHORD page and,and here you can add or delete noted from your chords. You can then program the rhythms (and timings) on the EDIT page.

Personally I find this approach intellectually interesting, but practically time consuming.

Overall I still prefer Davide’s approach of using midi to drive the rhythm.

Exciting! Can’t wait for what’s to come. Thanks for being open with the roadmap Davide!

I also want to add the function of only playing chord root.