Pre-sales Questions - Live Performance

Hi All … I have just discovered Scaler and was very impressed with the introductory and tutorial videos I watched. I have a couple of questions about using Scaler in a live performance. Here is some quick background info. I am pretty old (over 70) but have begun to try to learn to play the piano. I attend a small church and our keyboard player just moved away. I would like to be able fill in until they get someone new. I would basically be playing background chords to fill out the sound of the band. Until I learn the chords myself I think a program like Scaler would allow me to play one note chords. Is anyone using Scaler to perform live and, if so, can you give me any tips about the best way to go about this?

My other question has to do with the Pad mode. I have a midi controller that has some pads. Can I assign chords to the pads in Scaler and then trigger the chords from the pads on my midi controller?

Thanks for any help.


Welcome to the forums. The short answer is yes. I think in the context you describe, you’d be able to work out an acceptable way of using the Scaler in this way. It will not be the same as with your keyboardist, obviously.

The full power of this program will take some time to learn, but, the learning curve is actually not all that steep.

I’d start with one simple song to get to know what Key Bindings are all about. From there you can start to embellish your arrangements with the Performances. It will take time, but the payoff is that, with some work, you’ll be able to develop a set of songs that allow you to provide accompaniment for your singers.

Good luck working on it and post other questions as they arise.

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